Manufacturing process SGT Guitars (with Leandro Walczak)

How are our super guitars made?

In the video above, our great luthier Leandro Walczak talks about the manufacturing process of our instruments, from the choice of woods, through the construction and manufacturing of the pieces, import and partnerships like DiMarzio Pickups.

DiMarzio Pickups

DiMarzio is an American company that manufactures bass pickups, guitar, and accessories founded in 1971 by Larry DiMarzio.

Below are some of the artists who use and approve:
- Richie Kotzen
- Eddie Van Halen
- Steve Goes
- Billy Sheehan
- Joe Satriani
- Eric Johnson
- Steve Morse
- David Gilmour
- Jimmy Page
- John Petrucci
- Paul Gilbert
- Yngwie Malmsteen
- Randy Rhoads
- Ace Frehley
- Kurt Cobain
- Dave Murray
- Kiko Loureiro
- Phil Collen

Gotoh Threads

Gotoh Threads follow the traditional quality of a company that has been manufacturing instrument accessories for over 50 years. Considered by many as the best tuning pegs, they are known to facilitate and bring stability to tuning.

Made with resistant and quality materials, they do not allow sudden changes, bringing permanence in a certain tuning, independent of the environment or climate of its performance. Find the balance and touch without fear!

Wilkinson Hardware

The Wilkinson line is manufactured by Gotoh in Japan with high quality material and durability, considering being used for replacement of damaged original parts, customization or construction of new instruments.



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